Design Resources for Homelessness: An Exciting Step Forward in the Role of Design in Addressing Homelessness

Design Resources for Homelessness is a collective of guidelines and recommendations for “architects, interior designers, organizations renovating or constructing new environments, researchers, teachers and students.” This is a very pertinent and interesting website that builds upon MarginL’s mission which is ultimately to provide a similar prescriptive resource for addressing the landscapes of homelessness. Design Resources for Homelessness offers an extensive database for designers so there is detailed information and analysis for all designers but it also reveals the gap in landscape architecture’s role in addressing homelessness with our set of skills, a gap we are seeking to fill. This aside, the website includes design guidelines for addressing homelessness and recovery, a resource of notable projects and people, in-depth case study analysis, and more, all contributing layers of pertinent information for future designs attempting to address homelessness. The projects and people section has some of the same projects we have highlighted in previous posts for landscape precedent studies such as Skid Row Housing Trust. This is an exciting forum that furthers the dialogue of how design can tackle social issues such homelessness and make an impact beyond the physical realm.


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